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Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of the dog throwing up?  Or, you hand your kid a glass of grape juice and three seconds later hear a crash followed by an ‘uh-oh!’.  Or maybe you just watch in horror as your husband walks across the living room carpet and tracks muddy footprints across the entire room.  Messes happen and I can honestly say I have cleaned up a huge number of spills, stains, and nasty things from my floors over the years.  My carpet looks a little bit rough at this point.  I currently have a spray can of carpet cleaner sitting on my steps marking the spot where the dog threw up that I need to clean again soon.  No matter how many times I spray and scrub I always end up with a nice, attractive stain left behind to mark the event.  When I was asked to check out the Mohawk SmartStrand Licensed to Spill tour at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival I thought it sounded like a product I really needed to learn more about!

mohawk smartstrand

The Atlanta Dogwood Festival is truly a great way to spend a beautiful spring day!  There are some amazing artists that are showcasing their work in booths throughout the park. The Disc Dog Southern Nationals take place there every year and my husband actually used to compete with our dog at it when our kids were younger.  If you have never been to the Dogwood Festival and you are in the area, I really recommend that you check it out!  There was a huge crowd at the event and the Mohawk Licensed to Spill truck was a popular location to stop because Smallcakes Cupcakery was serving Georgia Peach cupcakes in the License to Spill booth!  I tried both the regular and cinnamon varieties and they were both incredible!

mohawk licesed to spill tour

Another reason that the Mohawk SmartStrand Licensed to Spill truck was so popular is because they were ASKING kids to come over and make a mess with them!  What kid doesn’t like to make messes, right?  Well, the friendly Mohawk staff was handing out spray bottles of dark colored juices with added food coloring in them so they could show off how easy their carpet is to clean.  The kids were thrilled to get their hands on a spray bottle and start saturating that carpet.  I think their parents looked slightly horrified by the mess, imagining that same mess on their own carpets at home.

mohawk carpet cleaning

The Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet is really unlike any carpet you have seen up until now.  It is actually an environmentally friendly carpet, because it’s made in part from renewable resources….they use a corn based fiber for this carpet.  SmartStrand actually has permanent stain and soil resistance that will never wear off.  The stain resistance is built into every fiber of the rug, not sprayed on after the rug is already made.  When you spray the stain preventative on, it will naturally just wear away over time but Mohawk SmartStrand is stain resistant for life.  That is really helpful when you are raising kids…from baby spitup to teenage soda spills, kids spend a whole lot of years ruining the carpet in our homes.  Not to mention the number of years the dog or cat lives with us!

carpet cleaning tips for mohawk smartstrand

I got to join in with the kids at the festival and see how easy Mohawk SmartStrand is to clean.  We grabbed a couple of spray bottles and got to work making a mess.  In talking with the Mohawk reps I learned just how many tests this carpet has been put through to prove it’s ease of cleaning and durability.   They actually gave a big stretch of carpet to a zoo and let rhinoceroses live on it for a week!  Can you imagine the HUGE mess a couple of rhinos would make on carpet?  I shudder to even THINK about having to clean up after them.  After our piece of carpet was thoroughly messed up with blue and red food dyes, we started cleaning.   The great thing about SmartStrand is that you don’t have to use any harsh chemicals or carpet cleaners to remove stains from it. All you need is a dishrag, some warm water, and for really tough stains some mild detergent, like dish soap. Even really tough stains like ketchup, wine, grape juice, etc will come out with almost no work at all!  We just sprayed some water from a squirt bottle onto the stains and away they went!

cleaning mohawk smartstrand carpet

I was seriously impressed with this carpet and will definitely be looking into it when we replace the carpet in our house.  Hopefully that will happen soon because I am getting tired of trying to hide all the stains by strategically placing furniture and throw rugs over them.  I even found out that Mohawk SmartStrand is sold through the flooring store right up the road from me.  Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer and they sell their flooring products through many retail partners throughout the country so you can probably find one near you.  If you want to learn more about them you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. We absolutely LOVE our Mohawk SmartStrand rug and cannot wait to replace our carpeting with SmartStrand when we finally get around to it. It really is an amazing product.
  2. That would be so amazing in our house!
  3. Wow - that really does sound like an amazing carpet! I had not heard of this brand before. Thanks so much for sharing.
  4. Oh that is amazing. It would be so nice to not have to worry about dealing with constant stain on the carpet.
  5. Ok that rhino test...that's all you had to say. I believe, I believe!
  6. OMG, the zoo! It is a keeper if it can make it through a test like that!
  7. I thought the zoo test was amusing, too! I totally do not want to be the person cleaning it though!
  8. That is amazing!!! I hate cleaning up spills.

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