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The kids are back in school and that means the lazy days of summer are behind us.  Now, we move on to after school activities, homework, and weekend sports.  While I try hard to plan ahead and have meals in the house that are quick and easy to prepare, sometimes I drop the ball. On days that we are rushing from one activity to another and need something quick, I really appreciate those Golden Arches.  Sometimes I just want fries and a Diet Coke but on my journey this afternoon, I stopped in to McDonald’s to try their new Mighty Wings!

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mighty wings

 A Quick McDonald’s Break


I live in the Metro Atlanta area and this is the only place in the US this year that McDonald’s will be featuring the Mighty Wings so I was really excited to try them out!  This is a limited time offering and when they are gone there is no guarantee they will come back again so if you live in the Atlanta area you may want to run out and give them a try! When I told my son we were going to go to McDonald’s to try out these new Mighty Wings he was thrilled.  He is a huge fan of wings and the spicier the better!


mcdonalds Mighty Wings


The wings come as either a 3, 5 or 10 piece box and you can them alone or as a combo with fries and a drink. Usually when we get wings they are already covered in sauce which makes them incredibly messy.  These wings are battered and fried and left ‘dry’ so you can choose your own sauce to dip in.  There was sweet and sour, honey mustard, ranch, BBQ and a few others.  The batter that they dip the wings in actually has a nice little ‘kick’ to it!  My mouth wasn’t on fire or anything but I could definitely feel a little tingle in my lips from the heat.  The wings were nice and juicy with a fairly decent amount of meat to them.  All in all, the McDonald’s mighty wings were a nice afternoon snack to keep us fueled up for the rest of our activities!


McDonald’s Mighty Wings


You may not live in the Atlanta area but there is always something tasty to enjoy at McDonald’s.  I am giving away a $25 McDonald’s gift card so you can stop by and fuel up for your own busy day!  This is a Rafflecopter giveaway so just follow the directions in the form to enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  2. lauren knott says
    I love the yogurt parfaits!
  3. French fries.
  4. Ali Schroeder says
    I LOVE the McChicken and thier ice coffees
  5. Elizabeth P. says
    Still one for the classics--Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
  6. I like McDouble's
  7. Quarter Pounder w/o cheese and Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net
  8. I like the smoothies and the occasional shake!
  9. their sundaes are awesome!!
  10. Bruce Epper says
    The Angus burgers.
  11. Fries and the Strawberry Banana Smoothie!
  12. I love nuggets, but I gotta have the hot mustard sauce to go with.
  13. the southern style chicken sandwich
  14. I love Big Macs!
  15. My favoite is the Cherry Pie.
  16. I love the Chicken Selects, and their Filet O Fish.
  17. The double fish is all I need, then the oatmeal and coffee for breakfast
  18. Gerardo Zamora says
    Chicken sandwich
  19. I'm a fan of their m&m mcflurries! Thanks!
  20. Catherine K says
    Big Mac - I'm a classic kind of person when it comes to fast food.
  21. Kayte CookWatts says
    We LOVE the sausage McMuffin!
  22. David ODonnell says
    Bic Mac!
  23. kelly nicholson says
    Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite item is from the McDonald's menu!cheesburgers
  24. Holly Thomas says
    Love the Fries!! :)
  25. I like a good Big Mac
  26. Love their french fries!!
  27. I like the Chipotle BBQ Chicken wraps.
  28. I like their Strawberry shakes
  29. def their iced coffee caramel!
  30. Steak, Egg and Cheese Bagel - Thanks!
  31. i love sweet tea
  32. Joanne Gregory says
    Big macs! Forever and always!
  33. Mushroom Swiss Burger
  34. The Angus Deluxe
  35. Angus Deluxe!
  36. Double Cheeseburger and Arctic Orange Shake.
  37. Ellen Levickis says
    the breakfast sandwich with pancakes for the bread and sausage
  38. Karen Farrow says
    my favorite is their french fries
  39. My favourite order is a Big Mac, Fries, and Caramel Frappe!Terri P pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com
  40. Tracy Robertson says
    I love the double cheeseburger mini meal. It only costs $3-something and is just the right portion for lunch!
  41. I like the McChicken & fries
  42. I like the grilled chicken wrap
  43. The Egg McMuffin
  44. i like their fries
  45. I love the Frappes~Gotta have one=)
  46. I like the oatmeal!
  47. Big Mac is always my favorite!
  48. mcnuggets are the best!
  49. Sherry Compton says
    They have wonderful chicken nuggets and fries, but my favorite would have to be their egg and cheese biscuits.
  50. jessica edwards says
    chicken nuggets
  51. Devona Fryer says
  52. My favorite item is the Chicken McNuggets!
  53. Paul T/Pauline T says
    I love their filet of fish - - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com
  54. I like their yogurt parfaits
  55. Ashley Hatten says
    I like their wraps
  56. Amanda Hoffman says
    i like their frappes
  57. Francine Anchondo says
    crispy chicken ranch wraps
  58. Oreo McFlurry's are my favorite. :)
  59. Cheryl Abdelnour says
    I love their double cheeseburger.
  60. Sleepyheadedmom says
    I like egg McMuffins
  61. I like their frappes.
  62. Jamie Brigham says
    I love the Chicken Nuggets.
  63. Kristie Betts says
    Grilled Chicken Sandwhich
  64. I still love the chicken nuggets.
  65. The Chicken Ranch Club
  66. love their milkshakes thansk
  67. Gotta go with the Big Mac! :)
  68. THeir Fries and hash browns
  69. penelope merriweather says
    Quarter pounder with cheese..!!
  70. I like their fries
  71. Mary Happymommy says
    Hands down, McDonald's french fries are the best!
  72. I like the fish sandwhich and also the fries
  73. Cynthia Rayne says
    I love the Frappes!
  74. micheal dale grim says
    the big mac has always been my fav!!!!
  75. I love the sausage breakfast wrap. Thanks for the chance.
  76. Quarter pounder, but it's been a long time since I've had one.
  77. I only go a few times a year to fix my french fry cravings!
  78. Mary Somerville says
    I love their Sausage Burrito, with a McCafe Mocha!
  79. They have the best fries.
  80. filet o fish or chicken nuggets!

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