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As much as I love to cook from scratch, some nights things are just a tad bit chaotic.  If there are no leftovers in the fridge (or at least nothing that can actually be called food at this point) we have been known to call up for a nice, hot pizza.  So, when I got the chance to work with Little Caesars to try out their pizza I was thrilled.  Pizza is practically a staple in my house at this point!  

So, whenever I go to write up a post on my blog I try to figure out how to provide my readers with what they REALLY want to know about a subject.  I usually head over to Google and see what sort of things people are asking about so I can make my post as useful as possible.  Well, I found it extremely amusing that many, MANY people are actually Googling  the phrase “How to Order a Pizza“.  Are there actually people today that do NOT know how to order a pizza?  Shouldn’t we have a class in high school on how to order a pizza so that our children do not starve when they discover mold growing on their leftovers?

how to order a pizza

The directions that are given on how to order a pizza seem very simple.  Look at the menu, decide what you want, call the pizzeria and then wait for your delivery and pay for your meal.  In reality, the process is a little bit more complicated…

How to Order a Pizza

1.  Announce to family that you are ordering pizza.

2.  After the happy screaming has quieted down a bit, begin negotiations over topping suggestions.

3.  Inform children that 12 pounds of meat on their pizza is probably not the healthiest choice

4.  Convince children that having only 6 pounds of meat on their pizza and a handful of veggies makes for a much healthier pizza.

5.  Scowl at husband who vetoes veggie selections.  Inform him he is eating vegetables whether he likes it or  not.  Compromise by telling family that they can have carrot sticks NEXT to their pizza.

6.  Begin negotiations on quantity of pizza to buy.

7.  Remind your son that his eyes are bigger than his stomach and he is NOT going to eat half a pizza by himself

8.  Decide to order a ton of pizza anyhow so you don’t have to make lunches the next day and can eat pizza leftovers

9.  Spend 15 minutes searching for the phone number of your local pizza joint

10.  After ordering your pizza and hanging up, begin the never ending wait for the delivery man.  Wonder if he got lost in traffic and decided to eat your pizza instead of delivering it.

11.  Freeze when the doorbell rings and you realize that you forgot to put the pizza on your credit card and have no money to pay

12.  Raid your children’s stash of birthday money to pay for dinner.  Promise to pay them back.  They demand interest.  Agree out of sheer hunger.

13.  Beat the children off the pizza with a stick until you make it to the kitchen and grab plates.

14.  Turn your back for one second to get drinks and hear dog stealing a slice of pizza off the table and children yelling.

15.  Let dog have her prize…by this time you are too weak from hunger to chase her down.

16.  Listen to happy sighs and satisfied moans of gratitude from your well fed family.

17.  Wonder why you don’t do pizza night every night so you don’t have to wash dishes!

little caesars pizza

Today, I decided to bypass a few of these issues by ordering my pizza from Little Caesars when my children were at school.  Thus, they got zero opinion as to what we actually order!  Yay for me being such a smart mom, right?  I ordered over the phone early in the afternoon and told them to please have my pizza ready at 4:30.  They said no problem!  Then, I called my husband and told him to pick up the pizza on the way home from work!  Even better because I save money on both delivery fees AND tip!  What did we decide to order?  Since Little Caesars was having a special on their new DEEP! DEEP! Dish pizza we got two of those.

The Little Caesars new DEEP! DEEP! Dish pizza is  an eight-corner, large pizza featuring a crunchy crust with caramelized cheese edges and is topped with pepperoni and cheese.  Starting April 1, the DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza will be a fixture on Little Caesars menus nationwide for only $8 plus tax.  Little Caesars pizzas are unique in that they offer a rectangular pizza that gets its crispy-crunchy edge and chewy inside texture from baking in a custom metal pan coated with olive oil.

how to order a pizza

So, what did we think of our Little Caesars DEEP! DEEP! Dish pizza experience?  We loved this pizza!  I think it is really awesome that there are 8 corners because the crust is crunchy and delicious and makes holding your slice easier.  The pizza crust is nice and thick and there is plenty of cheese on top.  The pepperoni is just a tad crispy which I really liked.  2 of these pizzas filled up all 4 of us and we had leftovers for lunches tomorrow.  Definitely a great way to feed a family that will get no complaints from us.  The pizza was ready on time and hot when my husband got it home to us.  Definitely a great solution to a busy night!


Want FREE DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza for a year?

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The $10 Little Caesars Gift Card Giveaway

Little Caesars would like to provide TWO of my readers with a $10 gift card so they can try out the DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza for themselves.  This is a Giveaway Tools contest so just follow the directions in the form to enter to win!


Disclaimer:  In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials.”: I received a Little Caesars gift card  in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

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  1. I love onion.
  2. Amanda Sakovitz says
    I love peppers
  3. Heidi Smith says
    Good ol pepperoni!
  4. michelle r says
  5. penelope merriweather says
    My favorite topping is sausage! Thanks for this giveaway!
  6. I love Canadian Bacon and Pineapple
  7. Pineapple
  8. Shannon F. says
    Pepperonis. :)
  9. Holly Thomas says
  10. Lauren Becker says
    I'm simple- cheese!
  11. Andrea Williams says
    My favorite topping is Bacon.
  12. Pepperoni I once ate a whole stick!!!
  13. steve weber says
    pineapple is my favorite topping.
  14. Cheese that goes in tiny little strings when you pull the pizza apart.
  15. Katie Roch says
    I love mushrooms on my pizza
  16. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says
    I love Canadian Bacon, or as my son says, "Call it what it is! It's HAM!"
  17. pepperoni
  18. Jennifer Corgnati says
    Definitely pepperoni
  19. pepperoni kport207 at gmail dot com
  20. pepperoni
  21. Melanie Montgomery says
    sausage and pepperoni
  22. Michael Clark says
  23. I like green peppers - see veggies on pizza are good
  24. Terri Quick says
    I love green olives :)
  25. Pepperoni
  26. Michelle Wood says
    Extra cheese.
  27. Stephanie Larison says
    I like pepperoni on mine
  28. Marthalynn says
    pepperoni for sure
  29. D SCHMIDT says
    I really like mushrooms and ham
  30. jeanette sheets says
    hamburger and onion
  31. wendy rozema says
    ham & pineapple!!
  32. Mary Casper says
    ham and pineapple
  33. June Lisle says
    Outside of the normal pizza toppings, my favorite is green chili. It's awesome.
  34. pineapple
  35. My favorite is pepperoni.
  36. Amanda Rauch says
    My favorite is mushrooms!!
  37. My favorite topping is bacon.
  38. rich morris says
    i love mushrooms
  39. Monique Rizzo says
    Sausage and pepperoni. Thanks for the chance. [email protected]
  40. Laura Jacobson says
  41. Peperoni
  42. Mushrooms are my favorite topping. Thanks for the chance.
  43. hamburger
  44. I love mushrooms!!
  45. Victoria Carlson says
    I absolutely LOVE chicken and green pepper and black olives! :)
  46. Pepperoni is my favorite pizza topping.
  47. Mary Calabrese says
    Big fan of pepperoni
  48. Hollie Jahnke says
    I like just cheese!
  49. I <3 Pepperoni!
  50. Is it all right to say that I'm a purist and I just like cheese? (Well, double or triple cheese!)
  51. When I make my own, I use portabello mushrooms, garlic, roasted red pepper and fontina cheese. ky2here at msn dot com
  52. Spinach, and that's why my nieces hate me.
  53. extra cheese
  54. We LOVE pizza at our house.
  55. Terry Cross says
    Extra cheese
  56. Jaclyn Reynolds says
    Extra cheese!
  57. Debra Hall says
    my favorite is mushrooms
  58. Amanda Kinder says
    Sausage, black olives, and onions.
  59. beth cole says
  60. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says
    we love chicken cutlet :)
  61. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says
    we love chicken cutlet :)
  62. I love Pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapple :)
  63. I love black olives and artichoke hearts.
  64. Pineapple, bacon, and black olives
  65. My favorite topping is mushrooms.
  66. I like mushrooms and black olives.
  67. Samantha K says
    I like pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives :-) yum!
  68. Pepperoni is my favorite topping
  69. I like sausage and mushrooms Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net
  70. My favorite pizza topping is pepperoni
  71. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says
    pepperoni and mushroom vmkids3 at msn dot com
  72. diane Baum says
    Black olives and bbq chicken
  73. Kimberly W says
    Ham and pineapple
  74. Cori Westphal says
    I love sausage, onion, and green pepper! coriwestphal at msn dot com
  75. Cori Westphal says
    I subscribed to RSS via feedly - Cori Westphal! coriwestphal at msn dot com
  76. Pepperoni is my favorite.
  77. April Bever says
    mushrooms and pineapples
  78. Jacob LaFountaine says
    I enjoy pepperoni
  79. Karrie Millheim says
    I love Pepperoni :)
  80. I like pepperoni and sausage
  81. Misha Lynn Estrada says
    I like mushrooms or black olives. All of my kids like pepperoni, though, so that is usually what we get.
  82. Kim Smith says
    I like sausage mushroom and onions
  83. Rebecca Peters says
    I love bacon pizza
  84. Pauline M says
    I love BBQ chicken
  85. I like sausage and mushrooms.
  86. banana peppers
  87. Leslie L. Stanziani says
    I have to have bacon on my pizza.
  88. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
  89. Susan Smith says
    I like pepperoni and sausage
  90. I like beef
  91. jalapenos and onions!
  92. Paula Tavernie says
    My fave is sausage!
  93. I love green peppers.
  94. Black olives and mushrooms are my fav.
  95. Lisa Garner says
    I love ham and pineapple!
  96. My favorite topping is good ole' pepperoni. Thanks :)
  97. Pepperoni for me, please :)
  98. Michelle C says
    Bacon and sausage
  99. Pepperoni & mushrooms Thanks for the contest.
  100. I love pineapple and pepperoni!
  101. susan smoaks says
    cheese and pepperoni are my favorite pizza toppings
  102. mozzarella and fresh basil
  103. Pepperoni! But then I also love mushrooms and most other toppings.
  104. cole marie mckinnon says
    favorite pizza topping is mushrooms
  105. Mushrooms.
  106. Michelle W says
    Just cheese for me
  107. Mushrooms!
  108. veggies!
  109. I love pepperoni.
  110. My favorite topping is Chicken.

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