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I’ve been asked before where my ideas come from. Many times. Okay, by one guy on a bus once, and I kind of stumbled over the question, spurted out something about road trips being like my idea fountain, and watched his attention quickly slip away. Maybe he wanted me to be more specific? So this guest post is for that guy. Yes, you. Here it goes.

I can get an idea from a paperclip. A pair of worn shoes. An uneaten orange in a garbage can. A piece of tire on the side of the road. A broken light switch. A sore tooth. A couple words from an overheard conversation:  “Crispy…refrain…Seattle.” The crust that collects under condiment covers. The missing sock. A dying fly.

Sometimes it’s like ideas are waiting in my head to be unlocked by mundane objects.

Of course I also draw inspiration from other bigger things – my life thus far, friends, family, enemies. My enduring love of horror cinema, the good, the bad and the really bad.

I’d like to say that I dream ideas for my books. It always sounds so romantic and mystical when authors say that. Then readers think: This book was meant to be. I should go check it out. Right away. But unfortunately, I don’t remember my dreams, and when I do manage to bring back a tiny sliver, it’s nonsensical and no bestseller can be reaped from it.

So, there you have it, Bus Guy. I get my ideas from everywhere and nowhere. Is that specific enough for you? Good.

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