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In my house we have 3 TVs.  However, despite the abundance of television viewing locations, everyone still fights over the TV in the family room.  Why is that?  Because it is the only flat screen, HDTV option in this house.  The other televisions are small, cube like, and do not get any of the high definition channels that our cable TV company offers.  I have teenagers.  If they don’t get to watch their most favorite (and incredibly stupid in my mind!) teenie bopper television show, I hear all about it.  With whining, complaining, and downright annoying eye rolling.  A new HDTV is something we are saving up for but wouldn’t it be great if we could WIN it?  You have the chance of winning a new HDTV in the Shop Your Way HDTV sweepstakes!  Keep reading to learn how.

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Shop Your Way SWEEPS has had over 40,000 winners so far. Will you be the next one? Shop Your Way always has multiple SWEEPS to pick from (and trust me, they’re addicting)! The prizes range from points to use at Sears or Kmart to diamonds and dream vacations. This week, one of the top prizes at stake is a 65” 3D LED HDTV including shipping, accessories and installation (a nearly $4,000 value). We all know that when it comes to TVs, bigger is always better, right?  And since I am clueless about installation of such things, I am happy to see that the technical stuff is included in the prize!  What would be the first thing YOU watch on your new HDTV? Catching up on this year’s award shows or watching how your bracket fares in March is a given. Oh, how my husband and I argue over the TV during the basketball playoffs! So what have you got to lose (besides about 5 minutes of your time surfing the internet)? Enter http://syw.co/1cWNRUa for your chance to win on Shop Your Way SWEEPS before 2/28/14. No purchase necessary. Rules: http://bit.ly/1drCnDD

Since I know there are a lot of you just dying for a new HDTV I hope you will check out the  Shop Your Way SWEEPS and enter for a chance to win!

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  1. We'd love to win a new HDTV. Those are so nice!
  2. Oh I would definitely love a new HDTV! We have a small tv right now and it would be nice to have two, so that the kids can play games while the husband and I watch movies on weekends. Plus the TV doubles as the family computer screen. so it's a fight when one of the kids needs the computer for school work...cause then they have to take over the tv. We need another one.
    • I have 2 computers and the kids still fight over them for schoolwork. There are a lot of screens in my house but still they are not happy!
  3. so funny! We have 4 TV's and we also fight over the tv in the family room as it is the only one with HD.
  4. I'd love a new HDtv. We still have an old clunky tube tv in two rooms and an upgrade would be a most welcome evenet!

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