Join me at the #PlatesofPork Twitter party about pulled pork!

Summer is in full swing and nothing is better on the grill or in your slow cooker than pork!  Here in the south, pulled pork is a staple that I have definitely come to love!  Grilled low and slow until it practically falls apart, pulled apart with forks and added to a little BBQ sauce before being piled on a roll...hungry yet?  Come join the #PlatesofPork Twitter party to learn how to enjoy a good pulled pork for yourself...and have the chance to win awesome prizes, too!Here are the details!  Hope to see you there! What: I am co-hosting a … [Read more...]

Is your refrigerator fairy on vacation?

My daughter is a big believer in fairies. She loves to read about them in books and once even made them a tiny bed out of craft materials and set it on her nightstand so they would have somewhere to sleep. She is 10 years old now and while logically she knows that there is no such thing as fairies, in her heart she really wants to believe! So, the other day she told me a story about the refrigerator fairies...because you can't just have regular old fairies, right? Oh, no, there are flower fairies and water fairies and apparently … [Read more...]

Potty Training Humor: Share your funny moments in The #CloroxLounge

I have 2 kids who are both (thankfully!) well past potty training years.  I also taught a 2 year old preschool class for 4 years. Since everyone wants to potty train their child at the age of 2, I have a lot of experience with teaching young kids how to use the big kid potty!  Everyone seems to have their own ideas on potty training a child.  Some are militant about beginning at 18 months (or younger!) and others don't care if their 4 year old is still in diapers.  My method fell somewhere in the middle for my own kids and was fairly … [Read more...]