Easy Garlic Cheese Biscuits #Recipe

I have a growing teenage boy in my house who's appetite rivals that of most football players.  Dinners must include large quantities of carbs in order to fill him up.  Oh, sure, there is meat, veggies, milk and all those other food groups, too.  However what really sticks to the ribs and gets him to say 'I'm full' is the carbohydrates.  Most dinners I make include rolls, bread, or biscuits of some sort.  Many years ago I found a recipe for garlic cheese biscuits on the Bisquick box and have been playing around with it ever since.  It is a huge … [Read more...]

Cajun Recipe: Grandma Shoog’s Fried Cabbage with Bacon, Onion, and Garlic

I don't buy bacon very often because we will happily inhale a pound of it in one sitting and that isn't all that good for you!  I will only buy the 'natural' bacon and that stuff is not cheap!  I was at Whole Foods last week and came across a locally raised hickory smoked bacon that I just could not resist buying.  This recipe comes from Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans' Famous Neighborhood of Jazz  This cookbook is an incredible food journey through New Orleans.  You will find not just recipes but also tons of … [Read more...]