Rice: a healthy and versatile pantry staple

I try to keep my pantry stocked with a number of basic ingredients so that when it comes time for dinner I don't have to think too hard to create a healthy meal.  If I stocked my pantry with a lot of processed foods it would be too easy to fall back on these unhealthy choices when I am in a hurry...which is just about every night of the week!  Rice is one of those pantry items that I try to never run out of and I have multiple varieties to choose from, depending on how much time I have and what I plan to do with it.  From dirty rice with … [Read more...]

Lemon Drop Martini #Recipe with Voli Light Vodka

I have really started getting into the flavored martinis.  My husband swears that they shouldn't really be called martinis since they don't have any gin in them but they are tasty, no matter what you call them!  I recently received a bottle of Voli light vodka to try, along with a couple single serving bottles of their flavored vodkas.  Here is a recipe from Food.com that is perfect for the upcoming warm weather!   Lemon Drop Martini 1 ½ ounces Voli lemon vodka ½ ounce triple sec 1 teaspoon superfine sugar ¾ ounce fresh … [Read more...]

Basic Soup Recipe: The only one you will ever need!

This basic soup recipe is the only one you will need from now on!  Making homemade soup will save you money and it's easy to make.  So start making soup from scratch for healthier ingredients and fewer cans! Tips for Making This Basic Homemade Soup Recipe Soup is one of those things I almost never buy premade.  I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous prices they ask for them and there is just way too much salt in it.  Not to mention the MSG, mushy noodles and questionable meat-like  ingredients they include as … [Read more...]

Kids in the kitchen: Patriotic Strawberries for a welcome home treat

My husband's job takes him out of town every few months.  My kids don't handle it all too well, although it is getting a little easier as they get older.  One way my daughter copes with her separation anxiety is by planning special ways to welcome him home.  Sometimes it is a special dinner, other times it may be a welcome home poster or decorations, and frequently she likes to choose a special desert to create. Now that she is a little older she has her very own kid's cookbook and can do a lot of the work herself.  If you have to deal with … [Read more...]