Colorado Chili Meatloaf #Recipe with Cabot Sharp Light Cheddar

Meatloaf is one of those classic dinners that I grew up on as a kid.  My mom, however, didn't make meatloaf like THIS!  Many years ago I clipped a recipe out of a newspaper (and I am sorry but have no way to give credit for this deliciousness!) and my husband loves this stuff!  It is loaded with vegetables and has a nice amount of 'kick' to it.  If you prefer yours to be less spicy just skip the fresh jalapenos.  I made this recipe a tad bit lower in fat by using a grass fed beef and Cabot's Sharp Light Cheddar.  These are two really easy ways … [Read more...]

Cheeseburger Pie Recipe

There are a few recipes that my mom made when I was a kid that I have kept because they were both incredibly easy and absolutely delicious and this cheeseburger pie recipe is one of them.  It is also a huge hit with my own kids which means it is on the menu frequently!  This recipe takes several aspects of the cheeseburger (meat, onion, tomato, cheese, and instead of putting it in a bun you stick it in a pie shell and bake it.  I usually serve this with some sort of salad, pasta, fruit, etc since it is a bit heavy. Easy Cheeseburger … [Read more...]

Italian Sausage Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Every time I go to a church function, someone brings a breakfast casserole.  Now I am a fairly decent cook, however the art of the breakfast casserole has eluded me for a long time.  For some reason, I have never even attempted one until recently.  I have been experimenting with breakfast casserole recipes to see if I could create one I really loved.  I found a basic recipe on and played around with it a bit.   First off, let me just say that if you can find farm fresh eggs, use them! I also buy my pork from a … [Read more...]

Grilled Pork Roast with Spicy Pomegranate Sauce

My husband  and I are HUGE fans of our Green Egg grill.  If you aren't familiar with the Green Egg, it's a ceramic grill that is perfect for cooking your roasts low and slow to really get a smokey flavor infused into the meat.  I recently received the cookbook Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces, with 32 Recipes to Get You Started; Includes 60 Recipes for Using Your Hot Sauces to review and found a spicy pomegranate sauce recipe that I thought would go perfectly with our pork roast. Grilled Pork with Spicy Pomegranate … [Read more...]

The only soup recipe you will ever need!

Soup is one of those things I almost never buy premade.  I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous prices they ask for them and there is just way too much salt in it.  Not to mention the MSG, mushy noodles and questionable meat-like  ingredients they include as well.  Once you start reading up about canned soups, you will think twice about buying them!   I have come up with a relatively easy soup recipe to help you put together just about every kind of tasty soup you might think of.  This basic formula will let you just plug in the ingredients you … [Read more...]