Spaghetti Without the Sauce Pasta Recipe

Pasta is always an easy and quick meal to serve my family on a busy night.  There are a ton of ways you can serve it but of course, the classic red sauce is always easy because you just have to open a jar.  However, as odd as it sounds, I am not a huge fan of the classic red sauce.  I don't hate it or anything...I eat pizza, baked ziti, and lasagna on a regular basis.  However, if given a choice I would choose an Alfredo sauce or pesto rather than a jar of tomato based sauce.  I prefer my tomatoes fresh out of the garden rather than jarred any … [Read more...]

Easy Dinner Recipe: Mexican Chicken Tenders #sponsored

This easy dinner recipe is made possible with product samples from Salba Chia but all opinions expressed are my own.I try very hard to eat healthy on a semi regular basis.  I provide healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt for my kids, we eat veggies at least once a day and we limit fast food to the occasional busy lunchtime treat.  However, my kids are just like everyone else's in that they LOVE junkfood.  The want pop tarts and candy and kid's meals just like every other kid in America.  I have been working to find a balance that we are both … [Read more...]

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wing Recipe

My husband has managed to get my kids addicted to chicken wings and every time we head out to a restaurant, that is what they enjoy getting.  Since I cannot afford for them to go out to eat every week, I figured I needed to find a recipe to easily make them at home.  I love the combination of sweet and spicy flavors combined together and this recipe has a great balance.  It is not flaming hot so if you want MORE heat, just kick it up with some cayenne pepper in the dipping sauce right before you serve it.  I warn you though, put down some … [Read more...]

Almost Homemade Paella Recipe with Gorton’s Seafood

This Almost Homemade Paella Recipe is sponsored by Gorton's Seafood but all opinions are my own.I grew up in New England so seafood has always been a huge part of my diet.  I can honestly say that they only seafood so far that I DON'T like has been oysters.  Other than that, I can eat it grilled, fried, or in a creative soup or entree.  While I love to eat seafood, I don't always have time on a busy night to get too creative with it.  Like most families, we are loaded down with after school activities that require us to … [Read more...]

Easy Vegetarian Recipe: Creamy Pasta And Vegetables

Well, we are counting down to the end of Lent and I am constantly on the hunt for a new vegetarian recipe to make for my family. Since my son gave up meat for Lent, we have gotten creative with a number of new pasta and rice based dishes, eaten lots of eggs, and have tried just about every vegetarian 'meat' type product on the market. I am running out of ideas and the boy has already asked me to please put bacon on the menu for Easter morning. While we always eat a lot of vegetarian meals, I admit it is much easier for me to come up with ideas … [Read more...]

Potato Leek Soup #Recipe

My son gave up meat for Lent this year so all of us have significantly reduced our meat intake this month.  Since mommy isn't making 2 separate dinners every night, I have been trying to get creative with high protein, non meat based meals.  Some great alternatives to meat for protein are beans, lentils, eggs, nuts, and dairy. Plant based proteins lack vitamin B12 so nutritional yeast makes a great supplement to add into the diet.  Nutritional yeast is just what it sounds like...a nutritious yeast supplement.  It isn't live so you can't use it … [Read more...]

Sweet and Spicy Stuffed Peppers

When I was growing up my mom used to love making stuffed peppers.  I actually cannot remember what she stuffed them WITH but I remember eating them a fair amount. I decided to play around with a combination of sweet and spicy flavors as a filling to this recipe.  I used a spicy Italian sausage but you could use ground beef or ground turkey if you wanted.  You would need to add a bit more flavor and heat, though, to give the filling a kick.  These stuffed peppers fed my family of 4 for 2 nights.  I used some pretty big peppers and still had a … [Read more...]

Soup Recipe: Potato Leek Soup with Sausage

Fall is the perfect time of year for enjoy a nice, warm bowl of soup!  It is also a great meal that I can make early in the afternoon that is easy for my husband to heat up for dinner on the nights that I work! Hubby can make a mean bowl of pasta or a steak on the grill but after work he does NOT want to come home to make dinner!  This soup recipe is easy and hearty enough that you don't really need any 'sides' to go with it.  You can use low fat milk or cream, depending on if you are looking for a healthy soup recipe or one that will really … [Read more...]

Colorado Chili Meatloaf #Recipe with Cabot Sharp Light Cheddar

Meatloaf is one of those classic dinners that I grew up on as a kid.  My mom, however, didn't make meatloaf like THIS!  Many years ago I clipped a recipe out of a newspaper (and I am sorry but have no way to give credit for this deliciousness!) and my husband loves this stuff!  It is loaded with vegetables and has a nice amount of 'kick' to it.  If you prefer yours to be less spicy just skip the fresh jalapenos.  I made this recipe a tad bit lower in fat by using a grass fed beef and Cabot's Sharp Light Cheddar.  These are two really easy ways … [Read more...]

Cheeseburger Pie Recipe

There are a few recipes that my mom made when I was a kid that I have kept because they were both incredibly easy and absolutely delicious and this cheeseburger pie recipe is one of them.  It is also a huge hit with my own kids which means it is on the menu frequently!  This recipe takes several aspects of the cheeseburger (meat, onion, tomato, cheese, and instead of putting it in a bun you stick it in a pie shell and bake it.  I usually serve this with some sort of salad, pasta, fruit, etc since it is a bit heavy.Easy Cheeseburger … [Read more...]