4th of July desserts: Patriotic S’mores!

The fourth of July is fast approaching and with it comes parties, BBQs, cookouts, and of course all things red, white, and blue!  No good backyard cookout would be complete without S'mores, right?  Well,  Aldi's recently sent me a great collection of items to help bring a little USA spirit to our cookout this summer!  Check out one of our favorite 4th of July desserts: Patriotic S'mores 4th of July desserts Ingredients for each S'more you want to make:  2 halves of a graham cracker 2 marshmallows (each cut in half) enough … [Read more...]

Strawberry Shortcake: 3 steps to a delicious summer desert! (#recipe)

For my family, food usually changes with the seasons.  Since I try to choose produce that is grown as locally as possible, the types of fruits and vegetables we eat depends on what can actually be grown here in any given month.  I am lucky to live close to Florida where I can get fresh strawberries starting in late March!  Last week I picked up tons of fresh strawberries since we were having company and I wanted to make strawberry shortcake for desert.  I know you can use frozen strawberries for strawberry shortcake but that just seems wrong … [Read more...]

Kids in the kitchen: Patriotic Strawberries for a welcome home treat

My husband's job takes him out of town every few months.  My kids don't handle it all too well, although it is getting a little easier as they get older.  One way my daughter copes with her separation anxiety is by planning special ways to welcome him home.  Sometimes it is a special dinner, other times it may be a welcome home poster or decorations, and frequently she likes to choose a special desert to create. Now that she is a little older she has her very own kid's cookbook and can do a lot of the work herself.  If you have to deal with … [Read more...]