FRAAS Fairisle Infinity Scarf helps you stay warm in style!

The cool weather has finally arrived and I have started digging around my closet for a few warmer items of clothes.  While some winter styles can be rather frumpy looking there really is no reason why moms can't stay warm AND look fashionable at the same time.  One popular fashion trend for this fall is the addition of an attractive scarf to an otherwise simple outfit. A scarf is an easy way to add a splash of color to your outfit without adding in a  ton of other accessories.  The FRAAS Fairisle Infinity Scarf is extremely attractive and … [Read more...]

Madcapz stylish cap up for grabs in honor of #Breastcancerawareness!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and since I have had several friends and family members diagnosed with this disease I am always thrilled to see companies doing their part to raise awareness.  I love seeing that little pink ribbon decorating my yogurt containers and am definitely more likely to purchase a product if they are donating a percentage of sales to research for a cure.  Having spent many years pre-kids working in cancer research I can tell you first hand that without financing, scientific research would not happen!  I was … [Read more...]

Up For Grabs: Cargo Shorts or skirt from Molecule Clothing!

Long ago, when my husband was a graduate student, he lived in shorts and Tshirts.  All day every day, whether it was a weekend or not he never had to dress up so he had LOTS of shorts.  Well, that was 15 years ago and now that he has a REAL job, he has to actually dress to impress most days.  Over the years, his collection of shorts has dwindled until the only thing he really has left is workout shorts and 2 other pairs that get worn every weekend.  Well, with a 10 day vacation coming up, he really needed more than 2 pairs of shorts so I was … [Read more...]

A Kushyfoot solution to sore and tired toes!

A couple of weeks ago I broke my baby toe and let me tell you it hurts!  You never think your baby toe does very much for your walking style or sense of balance but it really does.  A broken baby toe also makes it very difficult to put on normal shoes and for 2 weeks I have been going into work with one slipper on.  Yes, it looks ridiculous but I am lucky to have an understanding boss!Well, I am finally starting to put a 'real' shoe on occasionally and can stand it for a little while but after a few hours of work I need to take it off … [Read more...]