How to Get Advice for Your Online Shopping

This is a sponsored post. I am a Shop Your Way blogger and all opinions are my own.Have you ever purchased an appliance and a week later you realize you have no idea how to use a certain function that it offers?  Or, maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend and would like to know if it is really as great as the online reviews make it seem.  Ever heard the phrase 'Well, there's an APP for that'?  In this case, there really IS an app to help you get advice about your online purchases without leaving the comfort of your … [Read more...]

Country Outfitter $150 Gift Certificate Giveaway

This $150 Gift Certificate Giveaway is brought to you by Country Outfitter and the Review Wire team.  All opinions are my own. My husband and I spent 7 years living in Houston, Texas.  While we were there, he seemed to develop an intense fascination with cowboy boots.  Not just ANY old cowboy boots, either.  GOOD cowboy boots.  The kind that you save up for and take special care of for years.  He really enjoys wearing them, not only for the style but for the comfort as well.  And there is something truly unique about a well make pair of cowboy … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Trends for Girls

My daughter has reached that oh-so-enjoyable tween phase of her life.  Her top priorities nowadays are music, her friends, and deciding what she is going to wear every day.  Her closet is overflowing with a riot of colors and every day she spends more time choosing her outfit than she does anything else.  Since I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, this fascination of hers is completely alien to me.  I have tried hard over the past year to become more knowledgeable about fall fashion trends for girls but they change so quickly that some days … [Read more...]

Up For Grabs: Cargo Shorts or skirt from Molecule Clothing!

Long ago, when my husband was a graduate student, he lived in shorts and Tshirts.  All day every day, whether it was a weekend or not he never had to dress up so he had LOTS of shorts.  Well, that was 15 years ago and now that he has a REAL job, he has to actually dress to impress most days.  Over the years, his collection of shorts has dwindled until the only thing he really has left is workout shorts and 2 other pairs that get worn every weekend.  Well, with a 10 day vacation coming up, he really needed more than 2 pairs of shorts so I was … [Read more...]

A Kushyfoot solution to sore and tired toes!

A couple of weeks ago I broke my baby toe and let me tell you it hurts!  You never think your baby toe does very much for your walking style or sense of balance but it really does.  A broken baby toe also makes it very difficult to put on normal shoes and for 2 weeks I have been going into work with one slipper on.  Yes, it looks ridiculous but I am lucky to have an understanding boss!Well, I am finally starting to put a 'real' shoe on occasionally and can stand it for a little while but after a few hours of work I need to take it off … [Read more...]