Healthy Eating Means Treating Yourself with #DoleParfaitEscapes

This healthy eating post is brought to you by Dole and Mom it Forward but all opinions are my own.I try so hard to watch what I eat, drink plenty of water, and get a little bit of exercise once in a while.  Okay, so I really should be getting more exercise than I do but I am working on that!  Healthy eating doesn't always come easily for me.  If I really gave in to every one of my cravings I would be eating Lucky Charms for breakfast and ice cream sundaes for dinner.  Clearly, not a great way to stay healthy!  If someone told me I had to … [Read more...]

Tips to Boost Your Child’s Digestive Health

Ever since my daughter was little she has had the occasional digestive complaint.  Seeing as I myself am constantly battling this issue and my dad has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) I figure there is a little bit of genetics going on here.  Digestive health is an issue that I have discussed with her on several occasions.  She is almost a teenager now and it is important that she starts taking responsibility for her own digestive health and not rely on me to make all of her decisions for her.  There are several ways to improve your child's … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Mental Health Day

As a mom, I spend an awful lot of time taking care of others.  Whether it is sewing on a Girl Scout patch for my daughter, driving my son to tennis, or ironing my husband's work shirts, every day is filled with chores that need to be done.  Some days, I get tired of taking care of everyone else...there are days I resent the dog merely for needing me to open the door so she can go potty!  It is at that point I start to ask myself "When is that last time you did something for YOU"?  If the answer is "I have no idea" then I know it is time to … [Read more...]