Tips for Solving Teenage Sleep Problems

A recent tidbit of information I came across said that teenagers actually need MORE sleep than toddlers.  Considering how much sleep they need, solving teenage sleep problems should be high on your list of things to do for your kid.  Without enough sleep, they are more prone to illness and may suffer from a serious lack of attention when it comes to school work.  But, how do you get your teens to sleep at night and actually keep them asleep until the alarm goes off?  How can you wake up teens without an hour of screaming as they hit the snooze … [Read more...]

5 Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate for Your Heart and Soul!

One of the things my family loves most about the cold weather is having an excuse to drink hot chocolate.  Considering the many health benefits of hot chocolate, we should be enjoying this tasty habit year round!  Do you enjoy a mug of warm, sweet, hot chocolate?  Did you know that your warm beverage is not only tasty but has amazing benefits to your health as well? I thought I would share a few health benefits of hot chocolate with you, as well as a delicious recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate for those of you who like a little 'kick' to your … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake without Losing Your Mind

January has come and gone and New Year's Resolutions are falling by the wayside.  Lent is coming up and people are trying to decide what they should give up.  Bathing suit season is fast approaching and fewer pounds on the scale might be a nice thing to see.  All of these issues combined make it a great reason to look for ways to reduce sugar intake in your diet.  But, maybe you think that you don't really eat a lot of sugar.  You don't snack on cookies all day and you buy only the healthiest of cereals on the shelf.  How much sugar are you … [Read more...]

Spot a stroke F.A.S.T with these tips!

Having spent 15 years working in a pharmacy, I have seen people with a lot of different kinds of medical issues. In today's day and age, just about everyone suffers from one disease or another as they grow older.  Some health problems are preventable.  Eat healthy and exercise and you greatly reduce your chance of heart disease and high cholesterol. Sometimes we suffer from something that is genetic.  And occasionally, people suffer from something that hits them completely out of the blue like a stroke.Did you know that stroke is the … [Read more...]

Toxic Soap Ingredients You Need to Avoid

Washing hands keeps you healthy, right?  That's what all the doctors tell us.  But what if washing your hands actually makes you sick? Have you ever looked at the back of your bar soap package and read the list of soap ingredients?  Do you recognize any of them?  Are they words you are familiar with or are they chemical names you can't pronounce?  If you have sensitive skin or are concerned about the beauty products you expose yourself to, understanding soap ingredients is incredibly important.  Is your bar soap neon green?  Does it make the … [Read more...]

Join Santa and Mrs. Claus for a Heart Healthy Holiday

This post about having a heart healthy holiday has been sponsored but all opinions are my own.There is quite a bit of overindulgence going on this month. We overindulge in tasty things like eggnog and cookies.  We overindulge in ham, mashed potatoes and rolls slathered in butter.  And we probably overindulge in even MORE cookies.  I admit, I am all about the food during this time of year.  I tend to eat a lot and not exercise anywhere near enough.  Sound familiar?  Well, this year Santa and Mrs. Claus want to encourage all of us to strive … [Read more...]

It’s time to #DropYourPants for #Underwareness and light bladder leakage

Many thanks to Depened for sponsoring today’s discussion about light bladder leakage and encouraging people to #dropyourpants for #underwareness.I worked in a retail pharmacy for 15 years and during that time I learned quite a bit about my patients.  I learned which kids suffered from asthma and which ones needed allergy medicine every month.  I saw middle aged men on blood pressure medicine and elderly women taking calcium supplements.  I also came across a LOT of people during those 15 year who suffered from light bladder leakage.  They … [Read more...]

Things I Should Not Think About at the Gym

I recently joined a gym in order to lose a few pounds, gain a little muscle, and just generally get in better shape.  I am not a huge fan of exercise, unfortunately.  I like to be outdoors and active but usually doing things like hiking or gardening.  Great endeavors but I'm not going to drop much weight watering the tomatoes.  So, three times a week I trudge myself off to the gym to work up a sweat.  I told myself when I started that I would NOT plug myself into my phone or iPad or a book while working out.  As my husband reminded me, if I am … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Sneakers to Alleviate Foot Pain

This post about finding the right sneakers to alleviate foot pain has not been sponsored in any way. I just wanted to share my recent shopping experience with my readers.In the last few years I have suffered from an assortment of aches and pains, none of which the doctors can find any actual cause for.  My most recent trip to the doctor was a visit with the Podiatrist for foot pain that would not go away.  After Xrays and assorted stretching exercises, the podiatrist could still not give me a reason for my foot pain.  Just add it to the … [Read more...]

Boost Self Esteem with Cigna’s Healthy Food Selfie Contest

This healthy food selfie post has been sponsored by Cigna but all opinions expressed here are my own.I'm sure you have heard the phrase 'You are what you eat'.  It is a very basic concept that basically says that if you eat healthy food you will BE healthy. Or, at least healthiER since genetics and environment play a part too, right?  But if you live on Twinkies and soda every day you can pretty much guarantee that you aren't going to be living as healthy a life as you should be.  The way we look and feel is often directly tied to the food … [Read more...]