Good Ways to Save Money on Youth Sports

This post about good ways to save money on youth sports is part of a paid partnership with TeamSnap but all opinions are my own.  When you first have children, you read all these statistics about how much money it costs to raise them to adulthood.  The number is rather staggering and I don't doubt it for a minute.  Of course, I think that number would be significantly higher if people factored in the cost of youth sports!  Getting your child involved in sports can put a serious dent in your budget.  And when your child chooses to play more … [Read more...]

How to Read More Books for Less Money

If you ask me how I want to spend my free time, the answer will always be reading books.  Ever since I was young I have tried to figure out how to read more books on a limited budget.  I had a very worn out library card and multiple book cases filled with favorites that I couldn't bare to part with.  As an adult, rarely do you see me go anywhere without a book or my iPad in case I get a free 15 minutes with nothing to do.  If you are as much of a bookworm as I am, I figured you would like to know how to read more books and spend less money on … [Read more...]

How You Can Save Big for a Bright Future with Box Tops for Education

This post has been sponsored, however all opinions expressed here are my own. Many years ago, when my youngest child started Kindergarten, I was approached by a mom about getting involved in the elementary school PTA.  She was an active PTA member and needed help with a school club.  I threw my hat into the volunteer pool and have been an active PTA mom ever since.  I have sat on the PTA board and looked at my club budget and wondered where we were going to come up with a few more dollars for activities.  Even now that my kids are teenagers … [Read more...]

Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates for Teenage Drivers

I have a teenage son who will be 16 years old this fall.  I have printed out the drivers safety manual for him and soon (heaven help me!) I will have a boy with a drivers permit in my home.  To be honest, the entire idea of this boy behind the wheel of a car terrifies me.  Not only to I fear for his safety but I am also terrified to see what it's going to cost to add him to my car insurance.  I have started researching how to get the best auto insurance rates for teenage drivers and I thought I would share with you a few things that I've … [Read more...]

Rent Textbooks with CampusBookRental and Support Operation Smiles

This post about how to rent textbooks is sponsored by CampusBookRentals but all opinions expressed here are my own. Every year my husband and I try to tuck away a small amount of money into a college fund for our kids.  College tuition is not cheap and I have less than 5 years before my first child heads off in search of higher learning.  While we have high hopes that they qualify for a scholarship, I am not keeping my fingers crossed.  Of course, looking at our pitifully small savings so far, we are going to have to be frugal when college … [Read more...]

How Women Can Get Free Financial Aid to Pay for College

How Women Can Get Free Financial Aid to Pay for College Are you looking for a way to support your family and still have time to spend with the children? Do you want to be able to make more money while working the same number of hours? Then, a career change may be in order, and the best way to position yourself for one is by going back to school to further your education. Most women will not even entertain this thought because they know that their bank balance will never hold up under the onslaught of tuition fees. What they may not know is … [Read more...]