A One Direction Concert Wrapup from a Middle Aged Mom’s Perspective

Last night, I took my daughter to see One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer play here in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome.  The tickets were a gift that her grandparents bought her for Christmas almost a year ago,  It's a bit crazy in my mind that we need to buy tickets for things like that quite so far in advance but given how hot both of these bands are right now, I am not surprised they sold out.  She has been looking forward to the One Direction concert for 10 months....needless to say, the excitement of the night was fairly intense for us, … [Read more...]

Make Memorable Moments with GODIVA #GODIVAsummer

This discussion of memorable summer moments has been sponsored by GODIVA.  All opinions expressed here are my own. We are a family of foodies and many of our vacations and most memorable moments revolve around food.  This summer has been loaded with memorable moments like a summer pool party with homemade macaroni and cheese.  A stop in Buffalo, NY at the Anchor Bar to enjoy hot wings where they were first created.  Teaching my children how to make a healthy dinner this summer.  Food, family, and great summer memories all go hand in hand.  … [Read more...]

Tips to Spice Up Your Parties and a chance to win from Farm Rich! #FarmRichSnacks

I grew up in an average middle class suburban neighborhood in New England.  My mom loved to cook but none of what she made would be considered spicy, ethnic, or exciting.  Lots of casseroles, baked beans and pot roast...not too many things to really make your taste buds jump up and say WOW!  Then, I moved down to Texas with my (now) husband and was introduced to an amazingly diverse selection of cultures.  With him being a graduate student in the science field, we now had friends that came from all over the world!  There were Mexican … [Read more...]