Music and Teens: Bonding over Panic! At The Disco – Death Of A Bachelor

Music and teens seem to always go together, right? You rarely see a teenager without earbuds in their ears! We have always been a very musical family.  From toddler music classes to marching band, my kids have always enjoyed the art of music.  My husband and son are passionate rock music fans and often enjoy going to concerts together.  My daughter and I have more alternative preferences in music and she regularly shares her love of all things musical to keep me updated on her favorite bands. We have an understanding that if I need help cooking … [Read more...]

Packing and Planning to Visit Everglades National Park

We have only a few more days until my kids are finally out of school for spring break.  We don't always do a big family vacation over spring break but with the kids getting older, we only have a few years left to travel together as a family.  Pretty soon, jobs and college will interfere with our family trips so we decided to do a big one this year.  We decided to explore Florida and will spend some time in the Everglades as well as visit Disney.  A few days with friends and family will round out our trip before we come home.  While traveling … [Read more...]

Kids Sports Tips: Surviving a Season of Chaos

Over the last decade, my children have been very active in a number of different kids sports.  This caused quite a bit of chaos around the house some days.  Sometimes we were pulled in a million different directions and the bills, gear, and time commitments were overwhelming. We managed to survive (thankfully!) and now that the kids are teens, our lives have stopped revolving quite so much around sports and focus more on school.  I thought I would share a few kids sports tips that helped us keep our sanity intact while the kids were younger.  I … [Read more...]

How to Be More Optimistic and Improve Your Outlook on Life!

I am not the most optimistic person.  I tend to be skeptical of things that seem too good to be true.  Planning for catastrophic events happens regularly in my head.  Rarely do I go into any situation expecting things to run smoothly.  I envy optimistic people. They must be much more light-hearted than I am, right? I really want to learn how to change my slightly negative views on life and when I was sent a few tips by Dr. Sanam Hafeez from Comprehend the Mind on how to be more optimistic, I thought I would share them with you.  There are a lot … [Read more...]

Unique Kitchen Science Experiment for Kids

I spent this past weekend declutter my book collection and donated dozens of science experiment books to a local science teacher.  My husband and I both have degrees in science and we loved sharing an assortment of fun science experiments with our children when they were young.  It makes me sad to say goodbye to that time in our lives but I'm happy the excitement will live on in another generation. I thought I would share with you our favorite kitchen science experiment for kids as well as a few others I found that can teach a few valuable … [Read more...]

My Awesome Experience Traveling to London for the First Time

You may not have noticed but the blog has been a bit quite for the last couple of weeks.  That's because I was lucky enough to travel to London with my daughter and her high school band for the London New Year's Day parade. Traveling to London for the first time was both exciting and terrifying but the memories we made over the last week or so will hopefully last a lifetime for both of us.  I thought I would share my experience traveling to London in case you ever plan on going yourself.  There are so many things to do in London that I can't … [Read more...]

How to Make Road Trips Fun and Educational

Are you planning a long car ride this holiday season and wonder how you will all survive the trip with your sanity intact?  Do you get tired of plugging your kids into electronic devices for the entire journey to grandma's house?  We have traveled long distance with our kids since my first was only 6 months old. A  2 to 3-day drive from Georgia to Vermont gave us plenty of time to find creative ways to keep us all busy. If you are wondering how to make road trips fun and educational, I am sharing some tips from Ruth Rumack, the founder of Ruth … [Read more...]

Shopping at DICKS Sporting Goods and Supporting Youth Sports

This post has been sponsored by DICKS Sporting Goods but all opinions expressed here are my own. Christmas is coming up faster than I can deal with and I am in full shopping mode this week.  Gifts for kids, my husband, my parents and for a needy family at our church are on my shopping list and I found a ton of great ideas at DICKS Sporting Goods this weekend.  Since fitness, health, and exploring the outdoors are all high on my list of great ways to spend your free time, I was really impressed with the selection of items that I found there. … [Read more...]

Having Fun with the AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set and the IDO3D Pen Set

This post about the IDO3D Pen and the AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set has been sponsored by AtmosFlare and The Women Bloggers but all opinions expressed here are my own. #3dpen #funwith3d My daughter is 14 and has always been passionate about art.  Growing up, she had a well-stocked art closet and enough craft supplies to keep an entire elementary school entertained.  As she got older, she grew out of alot of the 'little kid' crafts but still loved drawing, photography and being creative.  This year in high school, she is taking a 2D and 3D design … [Read more...]

10 Family Fun Month Ideas to Enjoy Together

Did you know that August is family fun month?  I am a firm believer in spending time together as a family, especially as the kids get older. If you are looking for a few family fun month ideas you have come to the right place.  Family Fun Month Ideas to Enjoy Together  I truly believe that a strong family bond goes a long way towards keeping the lines of communication open and keeping kids on the straight and narrow.  Summer is already almost over and soon it will be back-to-school time.  Mine start next week! … [Read more...]