How Women Can Get Free Financial Aid to Pay for College

How Women Can Get Free Financial Aid to Pay for College Are you looking for a way to support your family and still have time to spend with the children? Do you want to be able to make more money while working the same number of hours? Then, a career change may be in order, and the best way to position yourself for one is by going back to school to further your education. Most women will not even entertain this thought because they know that their bank balance will never hold up under the onslaught of tuition fees. What they may not know is … [Read more...]

Rice: a healthy and versatile pantry staple

I try to keep my pantry stocked with a number of basic ingredients so that when it comes time for dinner I don't have to think too hard to create a healthy meal.  If I stocked my pantry with a lot of processed foods it would be too easy to fall back on these unhealthy choices when I am in a hurry...which is just about every night of the week!  Rice is one of those pantry items that I try to never run out of and I have multiple varieties to choose from, depending on how much time I have and what I plan to do with it.  From dirty rice with … [Read more...]

Sex Humor: How SPAM can improve your sex life

I receive large amounts of SPAM emails on a daily basis.  There are about a million people telling me I have won various international lotteries or close friends who have suddenly become stranded in foreign countries and need money.  Apparently many, many individuals feel that I need to improve my sex life with Viagra...despite the fact that I don't have the right parts for that to be an effective therapy.  Most of it just gets filtered out of my inbox and into my SPAM folder but a few of them make it through and are titled creatively enough to … [Read more...]

Your Accent: What does it say about you?

Do you have an accent?  Or do other people THINK you do?  What does your accent really say about you? I was born and raised in a nice middle class neighborhood in Connecticut but have lived for the last 20 years south of the Mason Dixon line. No matter what my friends say, I do not have an accent.  People here in the south tell me that I pronounce some words oddly. Heaven forbid I ask for shots on my ice cream!  Am I the only one who calls those colorful little bits you sprinkle on ice cream shots?  After 6 years … [Read more...]

Potty Training Humor and Advice

Want to stay sane during potty training?  Only a mom could find amusement in potty training humor, right?  Let me give you some advice for this tricky phase of life: Enjoy it.  Remember every moment of it.  They will be teens before you know it! Potty Training Humor and Advice I have 2 kids who are both (thankfully!) well past potty training years.  I also taught a 2 year old preschool class for 4 years. Since everyone wants to potty train their child at the age of 2, I have a lot of experience with teaching young … [Read more...]