Last Minute Holiday Gifts and Decorating tips!

I try so hard to plan ahead and make sure to get my shopping done BEFORE Christmas Eve but I admit I am almost always out looking for something still in the hours before Christmas.  Yesterday I was out searching for Christmas pajamas for the kids, stocking stuffers for the husband and a few last minute deals I couldn't pass up.  While I was at the mall (which was insanely busy!) I stopped at Sears to check out what sort of holiday gifts and decor items they had available and I was  very pleasantly surprised by the selection.  If you haven't … [Read more...]

Natural Decor Ideas For Your Home

My daughter has been bugging me for weeks about getting out the bin of Fall decorations.  So, this weekend I will begin the task of decorating my house for the upcoming holidays.  The problem is...I don't really HAVE a lot of decorations for Fall!  Why?  Honestly, I am too cheap to go out and spend a small fortune on plastic doo-dads that are only going to get used for a couple of weeks.  I am not a big fan of plastic stuff...just clutters up my house and ends up sitting in land fills for a century or two.  So, I have a tendency to stick with … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design Trends for your next remodel!

Kitchens are becoming more and more of a focal point for gatherings in many homes.  Staying on top of kitchen design trends can help you make the right updates to this space that are both comfortable and inviting. Right now kitchens with classic roots and modern details are trending with homeowners everywhere. Designing a kitchen with this in mind will keep your home looking timeless but also updated and fresh. Kitchen Design Trends By Julie Richard, Ace’s Design Expert Cabinetry and finishes can often times be costly so to get the best … [Read more...]

Having a baby at 40? I’d rather start menopause!

Ever since  my daughter could hold her first doll at the age of 1 year old she has been obsessed with babies.  She would take them everywhere with her, dress them, feed them, and fix up their pretend boo-boos.  Every year her Christmas wish list included stuff for her babies....they have more clothes than I do along with sleeping bags, tents, strollers, and so many other things there is barely space for my daughter in her room. At the age of 6 she started asking Santa to please leave her a baby under the Christmas tree.  At age 7 she wanted to … [Read more...]

Hate dust bunnies? You’ll love the Hoover WindTunnel!

I must admit, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to vacuuming.  I can't stand to see my floors dirty but with 2 kids and a very large, hairy dog it seems like there are always piles of STUFF all over the floor.  Dog hair, cracker crumbs, grass clippings from when I water the garden barefoot and come in with wet feet....I seem to pull out my vacuum on a regular basis.  My biggest issue with my current vacuum?  It weighs a TON.  I mean, I am constantly asking my husband to carry it up and down the stairs for me because I can't carry it.  … [Read more...]

How Women Can Get Free Financial Aid to Pay for College

How Women Can Get Free Financial Aid to Pay for College Are you looking for a way to support your family and still have time to spend with the children? Do you want to be able to make more money while working the same number of hours? Then, a career change may be in order, and the best way to position yourself for one is by going back to school to further your education. Most women will not even entertain this thought because they know that their bank balance will never hold up under the onslaught of tuition fees. What they may not know is … [Read more...]

Rice: a healthy and versatile pantry staple

I try to keep my pantry stocked with a number of basic ingredients so that when it comes time for dinner I don't have to think too hard to create a healthy meal.  If I stocked my pantry with a lot of processed foods it would be too easy to fall back on these unhealthy choices when I am in a hurry...which is just about every night of the week!  Rice is one of those pantry items that I try to never run out of and I have multiple varieties to choose from, depending on how much time I have and what I plan to do with it.  From dirty rice with … [Read more...]

Tips to Spice Up Your Parties and a chance to win from Farm Rich! #FarmRichSnacks

I grew up in an average middle class suburban neighborhood in New England.  My mom loved to cook but none of what she made would be considered spicy, ethnic, or exciting.  Lots of casseroles, baked beans and pot roast...not too many things to really make your taste buds jump up and say WOW!  Then, I moved down to Texas with my (now) husband and was introduced to an amazingly diverse selection of cultures.  With him being a graduate student in the science field, we now had friends that came from all over the world!  There were Mexican … [Read more...]

Sex Humor: How SPAM can improve your sex life

I receive large amounts of SPAM emails on a daily basis.  There are about a million people telling me I have won various international lotteries or close friends who have suddenly become stranded in foreign countries and need money.  Apparently many, many individuals feel that I need to improve my sex life with Viagra...despite the fact that I don't have the right parts for that to be an effective therapy.  Most of it just gets filtered out of my inbox and into my SPAM folder but a few of them make it through and are titled creatively enough to … [Read more...]

Your Accent: What does it say about you?

I was born and raised in a nice middle class neighborhood in Connecticut but have lived for the last 20 years south of the Mason Dixon line. No matter what my friends say, I do not have an accent.  I have had people here in the south tell me that I pronounce some words oddly and heaven forbid I ask for shots on my ice cream!  Am I the only one who calls those colorful little bits you sprinkle on ice cream shots?  After 6 years of college in New Hampshire I still can't call them Jimmies and after 20 years in the south I still refuse to tell … [Read more...]