Preserving Special Memories with YesVideo! #RememberWhen

This discussion about YesVideo has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own. When I was growing up in New England, winter meant snow, fuzzy boots, days off from school and snowball fights with my friends.  I always loved winter as a kid as long as my dad wasn't making my sister and I shovel out the driveway!  Of course, even the dreaded snow shoveling meant hot cups of cocoa with marshmallows to warm  up with afterwards.  There is nothing better than a warm cup of cocoa to take the chill off when you are done shoveling!  … [Read more...]

Organizing Photos with the Shutterfly Photo Story for iPad App

This post about organizing photos has been sponsored by Shutterfly and Global Influence but all opinions expressed are my own. Back when I was younger I used a regular old camera with the old fashioned canister of film.  I took my film to the drug store to get developed and put 8 million slightly blurry pictures of my friends, family, and random household items into a large photo album.  Organizing photos was relatively simple....just stick them in a book in chronological order.  Along come my children and the advent of the digital camera.  … [Read more...]

Convenient on the go entertainment with Comcast Xfinity #summerofkids

Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC, through its contractor, Mom Central Consulting, provided a promotional item as a thank you to the blogger who made this post for participating in this campaign.  The opinions and experiences expressed in this Comcast Xfinity post are solely the bloggers opinions, based on the blogger’s experiences and do not reflect any positions or opinions of Comcast Communications Management, LLC. There is a lot of WAITING to be done when you are a child.  They wait in line at school, they wait at the tennis … [Read more...]

Summer Fun Needs a Mophie iPhone Case!

This mophie iphone case discussion has been sponsored. I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. I am thrilled that summer is finally here and am looking forward to spending lots of time outside and traveling with my family.  Summer presents a ton of picture taking opportunities so I always try to have my iPhone handy to capture special moments.  This can sometimes pose a bit of a hazard to my iPhones.  I have been known to have my iPhone in hand while … [Read more...]