Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Download the Weird!

My kids are fascinated by random trivia.  We have apps on my iphone that keep them entertained for hours in the car just learning about weird facts.  They are also passionate readers and enjoy an odd assortment of books both fiction and non fiction.  So, when I got the chance to check out Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Download the Weird I thought this would be perfect for my ever inquisitive children.  Do you remember watching Ripley's Believe it or Not on TV when you were a kid?  I absolutely loved that show and my husband and I actually took … [Read more...]

Book Give Away: Enter to #win Mind Over Matter by S.J. Clark

Mind Over Matter Rebecca McKenney grieved the loss of her daughter for three years. Now, a vision showing Sabrina three years older, suggests her baby is still alive, and the FBI agent who gave up the search is the only one who can help find her. Special Agent Dan Cooper is haunted by a tragic mistake made early in the investigation of Sabrina's disappearance. Now to ease his conscience he agrees to help Rebecca search. Together they fight inner demons, all to real bad guys, and an attraction neither wants to admit to. Each step closer to … [Read more...]

Book Give Away: Enter to #win Consequences by Liz Schulte

Consequences by Liz Schulte In the final installment of the Guardian Trilogy, hope is born, alliances change, and the fate of a world is held in the hands of two people.Forced to face the wrath of either Heaven or Hell, Olivia and Holden must choose a side before a war begins and tears their lives apart forever. They always felt an unseen force brought them together, but was it to prevent the end of their world or to ensure it?Their Secrets threatened to destroy them. Their Choices lead them to this moment. The Consequences cannot be … [Read more...]

The Marriage Bargain Book Tour and $100 Amazon gift card Give Away

The Marriage Bargain  Camille Chandler is a tabloid journalist whose career is right on track--until her boss sees a curious ad in the L.A. Trades.Wanted: Single actress for an extended gig abroad.France's mega-rich playboy Julian de Laurent is up to something and Camille's boss expects her to find out what. Who knew the eccentric gazillionaire was looking to hire a temporary wife?When Camille refuses to accept Julian's proposal--and secretly write a juicy tell-all about the de Laurent family--she's fired and left … [Read more...]

Enter to #win a KINDLE FIRE and an autographed copy of Dark Summer

   Dark Summer (Book I, Witchling Trilogy) A girl with a broken past and a dark secret. A boy with a twisted future and no second chances. When they meet, it just might cost them their souls.Sixteen-year-old Summer doesn’t expect the new boarding school to be any different than the rest: a temporary stay where everyone will turn against her after a few weeks. Until she meets the rest of the students at this special school and realizes she’s not the only one with magic in her blood. Accustomed to the concrete jungle of LA, … [Read more...]

Biting Oz book review and give away plus a $20 Amazon or B &N Gift Card!

Biting Oz Real vampires do musicals.Gunter Marie "Junior" Stieg is stuck selling sausage for her folks in small-town Meiers Corners. Until one day she's offered a way out-the chance to play pit orchestra for a musical headed for Broadway: Oz Wonderful Oz.But someone is threatening the show's young star. To save the production, Junior must join forces with the star's dark, secretive bodyguard, whose sapphire eyes and lyrical Welsh accent thrill her. And whose hard, muscular body sets fire to her passions.Fierce as a warrior, … [Read more...]

Complete Book of Home Preserving (book review)

Ball Home Canning Products are the gold standard in home preserving supplies, the trademark jars on display in stores every summer from coast to coast. Now the experts at Ball have written a book destined to become the "bible" of home preserving.I received one copy of this book at no charge in order to write this review.  All opinions are my own.This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link on this site, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Title:  Ball Complete Book of Home … [Read more...]

Ripley’s Unbelievable Stories For Guys: A Father’s Day gift idea!

Title:    Ripley's Unbelievable Stories For Guys Subtitle:   Ripley's Believe It Or Not!Author:  Ripley PublishingPublisher:  Ripley Publishing (May 1, 2012)Format/Length:   256 pages hardcoverISBN:  978-1609910136My Rating:  5 From the Publisher:  One for the grown-ups, this quirky new Ripley’s book is filled with bizarre and hilarious “Believe It or Not!” stories, trivia and lists— perfect for any fan of the unusual, and the ideal Father’s Day gift. My Review:  First off, let me say that I remember watching the Ripley's … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games Book Trilogy & Movie Prize Package #Giveaway! #HungerGames

Win “The Hunger Games” Book Trilogy & Movie Prize Package Giveaway If you haven’t heard of “The Hunger Games” you’ve not been breathing! Here’s your chance to read the books and see the movie everyone’s been talking about! One of the best-selling books in recent years, “The Hunger Games” Trilogy by Suzanne Collins includes the first novel “The Hunger Games”, followed by “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay”. Released by Lionsgate on March 23rd, “The Hunger Games” The Movie is anticipated to be the highest grossing film of 2012. Here’s your … [Read more...]