Home Made Bath Product for Sore Muscles

I have been seeing a massage therapist for about 6 months to help fix some neck and shoulder issues.  She does a wonderful job at both making me HURT and making me feel better!  Last week I pulled a muscle in my side doing Taekwondo.  Apparently when one hits 40 (and then some...), one should not be kicking and jumping quite as vigorously as I was!  Well, my massage therapist recommended a bath product for sore muscles that is made from mustard powder.  The mustard bath that they have in their store is (of course!) rather pricey but I brought … [Read more...]

Natural Beauty: Get your feet flip flop ready with a simple scrub

Since I live in the south, I spend over 6 months out of the year in sandals and flip flops.  In fact, I have already started wearing them with the unusually warm spring weather we are having this year! There is no reason to be self conscious if you have less than perfect looking feet!  There are a number of natural beauty products on the market to help you put your best foot forward this summer!  Don't have a lot of money to spend on expensive foot care products?  Not a problem!  One natural beauty product you can easily make from ingredients … [Read more...]