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My husband and I are one of those odd couples that actually enjoys browsing through hardware stores.  One day when the kids were young and we had a rare afternoon free we actually used our kid-free hours on a trip to Ace Hardware!  Odd, yes but we like planning ways to improve our home and doing things yourselves is much cheaper than hiring someone to do it!  We try to avoid those HUGE hardware stores because we feel that our local Ace Hardware gives us much more personal service.  Their employees know what they are talking about and can really explain all the ins and outs of a particular project.  Even something as simple as a drain snake!  Well, Ace Hardware wants to help YOU make over your home this winter with their Merry Paint Makeover Contest!

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I bet just about everyone has a room in their house that could use a coat of paint.  I know our hallway walls are streaked with dirty kid fingerprints and the plain shade of eggshell in the playroom does NOT inspire feelings of playfulness!  Well, the Ace Hardware Merry Paint Makeover Contest is the perfect way to jazz up your home with a splash of color for the holidays!


How do you enter the Ace Hardware Merry Paint Makeover Contest?  Just head over and Like Ace Hardware on Facebook.  Then, fill in your information and submit your photo that shows what room in your house is in desperate need of a makeover. Make sure to read through the contest rules while you are there. Here are a the prizes:

Grand Prize (1) –  One room makeover by one of our Design Experts in December
Runner-Ups (3) – An e-design room makeover from one of Ace’s Design Experts and Ace gift card to purchase the paint and sundries to complete the makeover in December
You must submit a photo and a 100-word description of a room in your home to enter. The contest will conclude on November 26 and winners will be announced early December for projects to be completed just in time for the holidays!  I got the chance to check out the new Ace Hardware Paint Color selection and they have some great colors to choose from.  I would go with a mellow shade with pops of bright color for the playroom.  It would be a HUGE improvement over the bland white that is in there now…especially since I could finally get rid of all the fingerprints!


ace hardware contest

Enter the Ace Hardware Merry Paint Makeover Contest  from November 14 to November 26 at 12:00 p.m. EST and  see whose room needs the biggest makeover.


WIN a $50 Ace Hardware Gift Card!

Ace Hardware would like to provide one of my readers with a $50 Ace Hardware gift card to spruce up your own home this holiday season!  This is a Rafflecopter giveaway so follow the directions in the form to enter.  This contest will end at midnight EST on November 30th, 2012.

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  1. Laura Shepherd says
    I'd like to repaint the living area in a warm cozy harvest gold!
  2. karen bondehagen says
    it would be anything with purple, i love purple
  3. I would choose white color
  4. Kathy Murphy says
    A dusty green -- kind of olive.
  5. Hi, I would choose an off white or light color. Although I might go wild and pick something to go with the one wallpapered wall. Jenn
  6. A forest green!
  7. Julie Lynn Bickham says
    Sage green.
  8. A light grey
  9. Holly Thomas says
    Goldenrod would be nice!!
  10. A nice earthenware color.
  11. I would choose Mocha.
  12. Creamy Beige color
  13. I have some wood so I would go with a light brown or neutral color
  14. I would love a nice beige--boring, I know--but right now it's yellow and I hate it!
  15. Cream with dark red trim which is exactly what we're painting it right now.
  16. Probably a light green.
  17. forest green with cream trim
  18. April Yedinak says
    I would like to have my living room a nice cadet blue
  19. either a tranquil blue color or dusty rose.
  20. I'd love to repaint in a nice shade of robin's egg blue.
  21. A soft gray that has a warm purple hint... plus some nice white crown molding!
  22. I would choose a medium gray.
  23. Nikki Muroski says
    I'd like a like beige color I think! Anything is better than the green now! :P
  24. A light sage color
  25. I'd choose to paint it a bright kelly green! Seriously. I think it would look spectacular!
  26. I would choose some shade of beige or grey.
  27. Joanne Gregory says
    pale green
  28. It's sage green right now, but IF I could give FREE rein to my bohemian tastes, it would be PURPLE
  29. My favorite living room color is the color it is now: black and white with a splash of red!
  30. Sharon Kaminski says
    an off white color for me
  31. Bright red and white!
  32. Kim Henrichs says
    Emerald green
  33. We just pained our great room in "Impressive Ivory" a Sherwin Williams color. I like it since it's neutral for such a large area.
  34. Jennifer Marie says
    plum would be a nice color.
  35. Amanda Sakovitz says
    cream and a pale mint color
  36. Light Grey
  37. Red for me
  38. tina reynolds says
    mint green thanks [email protected]
  39. I would love to paint it a soft grey.
  40. Thomas Murphy says
    I would like blue
  41. Celeste Kautz says
    I just painted my living room honey milk which is a warm white and works really well on my wonky cottage walls so if i could have it any color...honey milk is perfect.
  42. I would like my living room to be painted white with one earth toned accent wall.
  43. sara mcmullen says
    I have a small cottage, so I love the simplicity of white.
  44. I would have a mural of a wilderness scene
  45. I am loving gray right now!
  46. sheila musselman askins says
    i would choose purple i love the color purple and always wanted to paint an entire room purple lol
  47. Michele Henneman says
    It is a dark plum now, I would probably choose the same color but lighter in shade.
  48. An off white a little darker than it is now, maybe a light brown or tan.
  49. plum!
  50. I would choose beige. It's my favorite color!
  51. Megan Parsons says
    Mine is the color that I always wanted. It's black and dark red. Gothic looking!
  52. Terri Herman says
    Ruby red! But that would be most of the main floor since we don't have any dividing walls, so it's a mellow gold for now!
  53. I think I would pick a light blue.
  54. a dark sand color sweetheart4171(at)yahoo(dot)com
  55. maybe a deep regal red
  56. ronda garnett says
    Sunshine yellow
  57. jessica edwards says
    dark green
  58. Kaci Harrison says
    I'd pick a dark gray or rustic red, something dramatic! I have a HUGE living room with really high ceilings so I'd really love to try something bold.
  59. It'd be a chocolatey brown!
  60. probably a basic like khaki
  61. Daniel Thornton says
    I would pick light green
  62. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says
    Lavender or Mauve =D
  63. McKenzie McClanahan says
    We like bold colors, so maybe red or green!
  64. Jamie Martin says
    Like the softest blue you can find, something that looks like the ocean. Actually, scratch that, I'd paint my entire living room to look like the ocean. What do you think?
  65. a silvery blue
  66. Donna Dorothy says
    soft blue/grey
  67. Carla Bonesteel says
    Bright Green!!!
  68. Red orange
  69. Purple!
  70. a burgundy shade!
  71. Lori Coupons says
    Light gray with white trim.
  72. I'd like a light red...i think that would be nice.
  73. Debra L.Guillen says
    Dusty blue
  74. Cheryl Abdelnour says
  75. Cream color
  76. A shade of green
  77. With our current living room....when we finally paint it to not look like the 70's anymore..hmm. One orange accent wall, the rest pure white or an ivory (wood panelling seems to only look decent painted white or off white colors).
  78. Eggshell White!
  79. Helen Keeler says
    I'd love it to be red.
  80. Light blue
  81. Barbara Montag says
    I would like 3 walls a light beige with a blue green accent wall. Thank you.
  82. ecru with golden accents
  83. A light bluish teal
  84. very light green
  85. I'd repaint in blue.
  86. Wanda McHenry says
    I would love a soft yellow
  87. taupe
  88. White
  89. Pale blue-gray
  90. Prussian blue - or maybe yellow...
  91. Facebook took away my like of the Ace page - please delete my entry for that option. Sorry. Apparently they have limited my account.
  92. I would choose beige because you can match anything around beige.
  93. a warm brown :)
  94. Nataly Carbonell says
    I'd paint my living room a pastel green or purple.
  95. Alexandra K. says
    I'm torn between a few warm colors- a warm white, warm grey or warm blue, maybe!
  96. sage green
  97. i would like a sand or taupe color
  98. Seyma Shabbir says
    It would be burgundy
  99. white
  100. bill elliott says
    A cream white would look good
  101. I love my living room as it is - a soft and airy green.
  102. Pink for sure.
  103. Ashley turicik says
    I would love a brown or burgundy color in my living room
  104. I would paint it navy and grey - accent walls for a cool finish.
  105. i would love to paint it purple
  106. Hollie Jahnke says
    light brown
  107. sandra davis says
    khaki color
  108. Brenda McAlister says
    I would paint it a light cocoa, beige color.
  109. Forest green.
  110. A light green would be nice
  111. mint/blue
  112. Annemarie Z. says
    I would choose a soft blue!
  113. Michelle Spayde says
  114. Turquoise!

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