Do You Watch Commercials? A Sneak Peek at the Kia #Hamsters! #kiasocialclub

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Back in the days of my youth we were deprived of a number of the high tech toys that are available today.  There were no iPods for music…we listened to stereos that took up the top of an entire bureau.  We used telephones that had cords.  And there was no such thing as fast forwarding through a commercial.   You sat and WATCHED them.  And there were some mighty fine commercials back then, too!  Remember the jingle for ‘two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese….”  You just sang that in your head, didn’t you?  Commercials can be FUN if we stop fast forwarding through them and actually watch a few!  Most Americans are NOT watching commercials.  What are they doing instead?  According to a Google search, during commercials:

  • Approximately 42% of Americans are channel surfing
  • 33% of people are talking on the phone or to others in the room
  • 30% of people mentally tune out even if they stay in the same room

Of course, there is also a significant number of people who are using the bathroom or grabbing a snack.   But, by running into the kitchen for a plate of nachos or deciding to zone out with Words with Friends you miss some really good commercials.  Like the Kia hamsters!  The Kia commercials really catch my eye when they come on because the hamsters are just CUTE.  My kids have a thing for hamsters and I think this commercial is going to be one they actually remember when they get to be my age.  It will be to them what the ‘two all beef patties’ commercial is for me!  A classic to remember fondly!  So, you want a sneak peak at it?  Take a look and let me know what you think!  I love the music selection…one of my favorite songs on the radio right now and it is so catchy! And boy do I wish I was as motivated as they are!

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So, what are YOU going to do the next time the Kia hamster commercials come on?  Why not relax and enjoy it instead of running into the kitchen to grab something to eat?

kia commercials

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  1. I like when they are cool, sleek, and slim at the end after all their hard work!
  2. Seyma Shabbir says
    A couple parts, but I love when the Hamster falls on the treadmill!
  3. My favorite part of the commercial is the transformation of the hamsters at the end, what swagger they have.
  4. fave part is the music. also like the treadmill part too. lol
  5. a hamster jump roping is just funny to me.
  6. Debnmike moretti says
    I like when the hamsters walk the red carpet transformed.
  7. My favorite part is when the hamster falls off the treadmill.
  8. kelly mcgrew says
    i like the all buff no fluff shirt and him lifting the hand weights!
  9. My favorite was at the end walking the red carpet :)
  10. I love their "transformation!" Lol!
  11. Hampster on the treadmill!
  12. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says
    i like the mice in the gym the best
  13. Hahaha the treadmill scene!
  14. I love the hamster falling off the treadmill, and the look on the girl's face right after it happens!
  15. Hampster on the treadmill is very funny....
  16. Margaret Smith says
    I love when the hamster flys off the treadmill
  17. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says
    The bit with the treadmill is funny
  18. I like the salon and red carpet parts.
  19. I love when the hamster is on the treadmill and then falls off
  20. Barbara Montag says
    I loved it when the hamsters are doing double time on the elliptical. Thank you
  21. Monique Rizzo says
    When the hamster falls on the treadmill. Thanks for the chance. [email protected]
  22. I like the swimming part
  23. i like when he fell off the treadmill
  24. I like when they are under the hair dryers and when they are on the treadmill.
  25. My favorite part of the Kia Soul commercial are the transformed buff hamsters at the end.
  26. Love when the hamster falls off the treadmill
  27. I like the All Buff No Fluff shirt and the #Hamsters makeover at the end... impressive! Cute and fun commercial, I liked it!
  28. the end when they exit the car
  29. Best part is the hampster's booty shake before diving in the water.
  30. I like the treadmill clip....
  31. Mary Calabrese says
    I love when they're in the beauty shop.
  32. April Willard says
    My favorite part was when the hamster nodded to the girls on the treadmill then fell!! and at the end when all their hard work paid off!!!
  33. love the swimming part
  34. My favorite part is when the hamster falls off the treadmill.
  35. I liked the hamsters on the red carpet.
  36. fat cuddly hamsters! <3
  37. My favorite part of the @Kia Soul vid is the treadmill. Thanks for the contest.
  38. I laughed so hard when the hamster fell off the treadmill
  39. Stephanie Larison says
    When the hamster falls off the treadmill...its funny!
  40. tina reynolds says
    I love when the hamster falls off the treadmill my three year old cracks up everytime
  41. I like the part where he falls off the treadmill
  42. Kellie Conklin says
    My favorite part is the hamster whose shirt says "all buff, no fluff" and the hamster when he dives off the platform and swims!
  43. Michele Behlen says
    I like when the hamster is on the diving board.
  44. when it falls off the treadmill
  45. transformation of the hamsters
  46. rebecca boster says
    I love thier reveal and how the girls like them :) haha. it always makes me laugh
  47. When the hamster falls on the treadmill. I like the Lady Gaga song too.
  48. The treadmill scene is the best!!!
  49. when the hamster walk the red carpet
  50. Jennifer Aldridge says
    I love the shirt "All Buff, no Fluff" and the pelviv thrusts.
  51. I liked when the one fell off the treadmill, and I like the part where they are all sitting under the hairdryers
  52. I like the hair dryer scene.
  53. Richard Hicks says
    fav part was them diving into the pool brich22 at earthlink dot net
  54. I liked the hamster on the treadmill.
  55. Denise Donaldson says
    I loved the hamster on the treadmill :)
  56. Thanks for the giveaway... Kia Hamsters walking the red carpet.
  57. My favorite part is when the hamsters are lifting weights in the gym.
  58. I love the part where the hamster falls on the treadmill
  59. My favorite part is when the fit hamsters step out on the red carpet.
  60. Georgia Beckman says
    I love it when the hamster wipes out on the treadmill..................classic!
  61. I like when the hamster falls on the treadmill
  62. April Yedinak says
    I like the hamster face-planting on the treadmill.
  63. Hamster skipping rope.
  64. i like it when the hamster falls!
  65. Love when they get out of the car!
  66. I like when the hamster fell off the treadmill!
  67. Hamster falling on the treadmill
  68. when the hamster falls off the treadmill
  69. I think it's funny when Mr Suave falls off of the treadmill.
  70. jeremy mclaughlin says
    When the hamster falls off the treadmill.
  71. The big reveal on the red carpet.
  72. Kerrie Mayans says
    I like when the hamster falls off the treadmill.
  73. Natasha Tucker says
    i like how slim and trim they look when they get out of the limo. and the music!
  74. my favorite is the Hamster falling on the
  75. I love the part when the Hamsters are sitting under the hair dryers in the salon!
  76. When he;s on the treadmill

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